Affiliates Program

Join our Affiliates Program and become an Ambassador to earn commissions for each sale you contribute to!

At Atacz, we're actively seeking well-established websites, influential bloggers, social media influencers, and personal stylists from all corners of the world. We hold a special interest in individuals who share a profound passion for fashion and design, and we extend an exclusive invitation for you to join our partnership program.

As an Atacz affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn competitive commissions by engaging in collaborative efforts that span the globe.

Here are the benefits of our Affiliate Program:

  • Competitive commissions on all approved sales
  • A generous 30-day tracking cookie window
  • Biweekly payouts
  • Commission approvals processed within 60 days
  • Real-time reporting and comprehensive sales tracking

As an affiliate, your responsibilities include:

  • Accessing our product catalogs and promoting our latest arrivals
  • Uploading banners and links to your website
  • Referring others to us and earning a commission for each completed order
  • Engaging in diverse promotional activities, including newsletters, featuring specific items, and creating blog posts

To become a part of our affiliate program, please sign up using the link below for the application, and we will get back to you within 7-14 days. Alternatively, you can email us at, providing the following details: your name, email address, website URL, or social media profile. We will carefully review your application and aim to respond within one week, providing you with instructions on how to join our affiliate program.

For inquiries regarding influencer collaborations, digital creators, PR matters, or sponsorship discussions, please submit your portfolio and social media profiles to